Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fast Cities 2009 - Seattle - City of the Year

Every year FAST COMPANY magazine puts together a list of "fast cities". In the introduction they write:

There's nothing we need more right now than brilliant initiatives that can help our communities go greener, be safer, live smarter, and invest for the future. Here are a dozen cities that are hatching plans we love.

In a year like this, we need a city upon a hill. Seattle, Fast Company's City of the Year, not only sprawls across seven hills but also boasts the ingredients that we believe will bring our communities -- and country -- back to prosperity: smarts, foresight, social consciousness, creative ferment. This year, singular bright ideas have earned 12 other cities -- Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Houston, Malmö, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Taipei, Tucson, and Vancouver -- places on our honor roll. Their exemplary initiatives are improving neighborhoods, transforming lives, and helping build better, faster cities for the future.

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