Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Development - Brookland

DCMud reports on the release of the Brookland Small Area Plan, by the Office of Planning. A full rundown at the link below, but it includes this nugget about Arts and Culture -
Beyond purely commercial endeavors, the Plan also makes several recommendations for making Brookland a cultural draw. These include the establishment of a Brookland Arts/Cultural District that would offer incentives to local organizations, such as Dance Place and the DC Film Alliance, for their participation.

At this preliminary stage, no developers or retailers have laid claim to the Brookland project and no firm timeline has been established for redevelopment efforts. With the Plan’s proposal for extensive restructuring of the neighborhood's basic infrastructure – from extending key roadways to altering traffic light times - it’s a safe bet that any proposed construction should be considered “coming soon” until further notice.

Click on this LINK to read the entire post on DC Mud.